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Most Common Questions about VIVOBAREFOOT

Why should I even go barefoot, what advantages will it give my body, what should I watch out for while running barefoot and what's so special about barefoot shoes?

We have answered the most frequently asked questions for you.


    No, not really, as ladies' and men's versions aren't visually different. However it happens that the ladies' model has a smaller cutting than the men's model.

Generally our shoes are designed larger than conventional models. If you try on your first pair of barefootshoes, it may seem like your shoes are too large - but that is how it is meant to be! That way the shoes enable your feet to move naturally as it gives them the space they need. A general rule: If you have enough space around your toes (about the width of your thumb) and you don't slide in or out of your shoes, it fits properly. The shoe is too large if you can fit a finger between your heel and the back of the shoe.

You don’t have to miss the barefoot feeling during the cold seasons! The thermal insole in our winter shoes lets you feel the ground beneath your feet while ensuring warm, cozy feet. Plus: Going barefoot stimulates your blood circulation in the feet - this means, they get warmer automatically.

If you need to wear special insoles or even special shoes for health reasons, we recommend to slowly switch to barefootshoes. You can start wearing barefoot shoes together with your insoles.

Wearing barefootshoes doesn't mean that you're not allowed to wear socks anymore. The ultra-thin, patented sole and the flexible and light material ensure a real barefoot feeling.

As a reference, we offer a look at our size chart. If a shoe runs bigger or smaller, you'll find a small hint next to that model. If you’re still unsure, we recommend you order both potential sizes and keep the one that fits. The one that doesn't fit can be returned. We offer free returns for all German shipping adresses.


There are a few reasons why this may have happened: Typing errors in the mailing address, technical errors during the order process or when sending the confirmation. Please contact us directly - via email, telephone or live chat - we will then check if your order has reached us.


    If the illness isn't genetically derived, improvements through barefootshoes are possible. The skew angle of the big toe is often caused by shoes that are cut too small; mostly women are affected. Because of the large space around the toes in barefootshoes, the toes have enough freedom to move freely and support foot health. To be sure, we recommend to speak with an orthopaedist.

A simple way to answer this question: Does it hurt when you go barefoot? If it doesn't, barefootshoes are suitable for you. Walking barefoot is the most natural way you could walk, it supports the health of your feet. If you have flat feet, barefootshoes will help you build up the arch of your foot.


    Leather from the British traditional company Pittards comes from free living cattle in Africa. To keep its naturalness, the leather is treated as little as possible. The high quality leather for our Made in Portugal collection is from the Tuscany. It is fully tanned and processed by hand in our traditional shoe manufactures in Porto. It is one hundred percent chromium free.

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