Barefoot shoes of VIVOBAREFOOT for men

To experience the awakening and sprouting in spring-/summer up to close: Quick put on the barefoot shoes of VIVOBAREFOOT! With the new, versatile collection you are also perfectly equipped for changeable weather and all kinds of activities.

A sporty model as Linx, a shoe made for golfers and hikers, has a waterproof surface, breathable nylon mesh, a super flexible sole and was prepared on the basis of a study. Even the design makes the combination of hiking and golf shoes visible.

The perfect balance of fashion and function, decorated with clean lines, a simple lace and made of a supple suede, forms Gobi II, the original desert boot! Eclipse is another phenomenon of naturalness. Running gives you the nearest barefoot feeling, while there is still a reliable protection.

If you want to take it more casual, wear the Aqua II! This simple shoe, sewn with leather you can wear at any opportunity and is suitable as an everyday shoe. Also this shoe has a very thin, flexible sole, so your feet can do exactly what they do best: move freely, move naturally and explore.

For the products of VIVOBAREFOOT speaks the sustainable and environmentally friendly production. The shoes are made of selected and very environmentally friendly raw materials. For example PET bottles and foams are recyclable and leather is tanned with pure vegetable resources. For every application the sole of each shoe is specially adjusted. By wearing barefoot shoes you win a more healthy and upright posture. Despite the barefoot shoes of VIVOBAREFOOT allow a better movement in the first place, also the design and the modern shoe stands in the forefront of development.

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