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Why VIVOBAREFOOT barefoot shoes for kids are best

When we take our first steps, it is a matter of a natural instinct. Therefore the kind of our course of motions at the infancy is naturally.
At the beginning, most of children move without shoes, the feet are in direct contact with the ground and offer a better sense to the texture of the ground. So we react intuitively to every irregularity.

The feet of children consist for the most part of gristle, which adapt during time to external circumstances. That's why especially during the period of growth it is important to select the right shoe, because too tight, bad or too much padded shoes, which interfere the sensory feedback and therefore the naturally course of motions of childrens feet, result in postural deformity and thereby connected pains in joints and back.

Result: A padded shoe prevents that the body learns to balance stacks and asperitys hisslef. A too rigid sole and a bad cut oft the shoe shape confine the flexibility of the foot. By shoes with espacially thin and flexibile sole which offers adequate mobility, the feet can develop as it is provided of the nature.

Shoes for school & everyday life  Shoes for sports

VIVOBAREFOOT had performed a study with subject barefoot shoes for kids:

  • Probands: 22 children
    (without deformation of feet or trouble of balance)
  • Boys and girls equal in ratio
  • Age: 7-11 years
  • Location: South Africa
  • Study was leaded by: Dr. Annette Thompson
    (paediatrist, university Cape Town)
  • Task: walking 2 months only barefoot or with VIVOBAREFOOTs

Both children wearing VIVOBAREFOOT barefoot shoes as well as children walked barefoot showed:

    - strengthening of the muscles

    - improvement of the balance and propriozeption

    - improvement of the strength and the function of ankle

    - improvement of the ability for regeneration as well as the fitness of muscles

Those animations show how too tight and too damped shoes for children have an effect on waist, sinews and vessels:

The Result:

The results of the VIVOBAREFOOT study reflecting what is already advised on international plain by many academic studies: children's shoes should imitate at its best the natural flow and in no case handicap it.

VIVOBAREFOOT received in context to the study the seal of quality of the SA Podiatry Association. Because:

  • VIVOBAREFOOT is the only producer of barefooted shoes who has got children's shoes for: everyday life, school and leisure
  • VIVOBAREFOOTs leave enough area and flexibility to the feet, so children's feet can develop and grow naturally and healthy
  • VIVOBAREFOOTs offer the maximum of sensory feedback and the maximum of protection.

Every step of your child with VIVOBAREFOOT gets to an absolute barefoot adventure, so your child can move absolutely natural, free and without any injuries.